Smart LED Bulbs  have been around for a while. Many of us have bulbs that can be controlled with a remote, or even a full-on smart lighting system like the Philips Hue, and it’s usually the first step people make when they start thinking about a smart home.

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What exactly is a ‘smart bulb’ or LED bulb as its more correctly known? Well it’s a light bulb that connect to your home’s Wi-Fi-network and can be controlled remotely by any device that is using its software. That can make that walk into your home a little more sophisticated as you switch on your lights remotely and even dim them to the appropriate colour and brightness.

Unlike other systems of its kind, the Yeelight bulb doesn’t require a connection to some sort of hub to work, but can simply be hooked up to your lighting socket, set it all up with the Yeelight app and you’re good to go.  The bulbs operate off a mere 6 watts and are incredible energy-efficient with a life span of around 20 000 hours. The bulbs are also capable of transitioning to a full 16 million different colours


All you need is a smart phone like the Samsung galaxy range or Gionee M6(any android or apple device should work) or a device like the echo dot or MI Band and a Wi-Fi connection to control your lights with just a touch – even from thousands of kilometers away.

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Simple controls.

The simple to use app allows you to control lights individually, or create custom groups to easily control multiple bulbs at the same time. Really cool right?

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Imagine a group that can instantly dim all of your lights, set the mood for movie night,create christmas decoration lighting Or tune your bedroom lamps to full brightness before getting out of bed.

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You can also enjoy using one-touch preset Themes to bring a sunset to the comfort of your living room, or evoke an ocean-scape for the ultimate relaxing bath time.

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