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Welcome to your smart home in nigeria with lifx Create spaces where you can thrive and feel your best by connecting more to your surroundings with simple, awesome products. With LIFX there is no need for a router, bridge, or any other special equipment needed, so your bulbs can sense and talk to many other smart devices like […]

Control your LIFX smart lighting in Nigeria with the Google app. Good news for Android users. Voice control for one of favourite LIFX smart lighting in Nigeria, LIFX has come to the Google app. Thanks to the Google app, hands-free control of  LIFX Lights is just a command away on your Android device. You can […]

The perfect led lights in Nigeria for any home Interior Decorators have long known that lighting is one of the most important aspect to outstanding home decor. The right light creates a sense of place, and brings out subtle details, colors, and feelings in a room. LIFX gives you the ability to transform your home anytime […]

How to get the right white lighting in less than 2 minutes LIFX bulbs provide amazing benefits, such as great energy savings and a long lifespan of up to 22 years*. However, one important benefit that is often overlooked is how different color temperatures of lighting can positively impact the look and feel of a […]